I love it when a singer sings well and you feel connected with them through their music. When a singer also has a heart as big as life itself and can share openly and honestly how God has radically changed them, then I want to hear everything they have to sing and say.

My friend Sharron Kay has a lot to sing about...and she has even more to share about from a life of not living for God to being amazingly transformed into a loving vessel to carry God's redemption story to the world. I love her honesty and humor, most of all she moves my soul with her undying devotion to her Lord and Savior....whether she's speaking or singing. I believe you will be moved, also.

Ann Downing

If you are looking for someone to make you smile, laugh, cry & rejoice in the joy of the Lord, Sharron Kay would love to come share her life's story with your congregation or special service. Sharron Kay is also available for Ladies Retreats, Conventions, Revivals, Youth & Recovery Groups.

Sharron, The Speaker

After humbling myself before the throne of grace on July 25, 1987, it's taken years for me to acknowledge the fact that being a servant is to serve, not attend church and sit in a pew service after service. I believe to be a servant is to act upon the calling that God has placed in your life. I feel the call to be an encourager. I have a burden to reach out to those who have given up. My desire is to share my story with those who feel that no one cares.

I want to help "Christians" who have lost their way by reminding them that we must search deep within our hearts and re- discover the joy in serving Jesus. We must fall in love with Him day after day. With all the trouble and turmoil we all face every day, we have got to praise our way through each heartache and disappointment we all experience along this journey. Although I have suffered many heartaches, disappointments and failures, I am a prime example of what God's mercy and unending grace can do for one who keeps on getting back up.

Keep reaching up to His nail-scarred hands that are reaching down for us. We must believe in and stand upon the promises God has made, and travel on.

Karissa Petty, Sharron Kay & Ann Downing
Karissa Petty, Sharron Kay & Ann Downing